Admissions - SEN

Visiting the School

Prospective parents are welcome to visit the school by arrangement with the Head teacher but it is often more appropriate if the visit takes place the term prior to the child joining the school.

Children who will be admitted to the school for the first time are invited with their parents to visit the school and meet their future teachers and friends. At this time possible difficulties are discussed and solutions found.

Applying for a Place at All Saints Benhilton

Sutton now operates an on-line admissions service, so regardless of where you live, you can access the application form on-line at In addition to the Sutton admissions form, you must also complete a separate form for admission to All Saints Benhilton. This form can be found here. Please read the Admissions policy for guidance.

Pupils with Disabilities and Accessibility Plan

Our admissions procedures, access arrangements and policies ensure that disabled pupils are not treated less favourably than other children. Pupils with disabilities may apply for admission to the School on compassionate grounds, where there are exceptional educational, medical or social needs and where a specific requirement for All Saints Benhilton has been indicated. Consideration will be given by the admission panel to each case, taking into account the evidence provided by the relevant professionals and in particular the Principal Physician for Child Health.

The Headteacher/SENCO would always discuss the needs of pupils with specific medical or other difficulties with the LEA and in particular the School’s Education Psychologist and the principal physician prior to admission to the school. This would ensure that proper provision and resources would be made available in the school.

Pupils with physical difficulties have full access to the School building and grounds by nature of their layout and construction. Accessibility to the School and the curriculum will continue to be monitored and any changes required will be included in future School Improvement Plans.

Recently met targets

  • WC for disabled use upgraded to meet British Standards as much as possible given building restrictions
  • Refurbishment of toilets with distinguishable door furniture etc

Until improvements can be made special arrangements will be made for any pupils or visiting adults to the school, who require assistance with accessibility.

Accessibility Plan

  Short Term Medium Term Long Term
Targets To improved horizontal movement around the school for wheelchair users and people with impaired vision.
To improve access to school information for visually and ambulant impaired parents.
To provide grab rails to 4 toilet cubicles and easy grip door controls that are distinguishable from their backgrounds Improve access for ambulant disabled to the site.
Strategies To move tables and other loose furnishings from the corridor and ensure that it is always kept free.
To complete the school website so that parents can download information at their personal computer
As part of ongoing redecoration of toilets, ensure that handrails are fitted and compartment doors have distinguishable easy grip door controls Seek advice from appropriate professionals as to how access can be improved.
Outcome Corridor is kept free and movement is improved
Website is completed
Ambulant disabled pupils will be able to raise and lower themselves in a standard cubicle Buy portable ramp that can be used at various doorways around the school
Timeframe Continuous
Term 1 2005/06
term 2 2004/5 2006/7
Goals achieved Physical accessibility of school is improved
Greater access to school information for all
Physical accessibility of school is improved All visitors will have improved access to site


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