Attendance Incentive for families who receive PPG!

16th July 2020


As part of the School improvement for children who receive the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG), we are aiming to improve childrens attendance, in particular for those who receive PPG. There is a significant amount of research which indicates that children with higher attendance figures progress and achieve significantly more compared to those who do not attend school.

Consequently, as a school, we would like to reward parents and children who are in receipt of the PPG and who have 100% attendance for a whole term. Therefore, we are trialling a new intiative that has been proven in other schools.

The criteria is as follows:

Those children who are in receipt of the PPG and have 100% attendance for a whole term will be rewarded with a £50 voucher.

Initially, this incentive will be for one term in order to measure its effectiveness. The £50 voucher will have to be spent within school. For example, it could be used for new school uniform or put towards an extra curricular club that your child would be interested in. Alternatively, the £50 could be used to purchase new resources for your child e.g. reading books, pens, pencils, backpack, additional exercise books etc..

We hope that parents / carers and children find this initative incentivising and benefical in achieving a joint goal of improved attendance for our children. The £50 award will be granted in January 2021 for those who meet this target.

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