Term Dates

Academic Year  2020-2021 





Michaelmas 1 2020 Wednesday 2nd September Friday 23rd October

Wednesday 2/09/2020

   Thursday 3/09/2020

    Friday 23/10/2020


Half term Monday 26th October Friday 30th October  
Michaelmas 2 2020 Monday 2nd November Friday 18th December  
Lent 1 2021 Monday 4th January Friday 12th February 

 Monday 4/01/2021

Half term Monday 15th February Friday 19th February  
Lent 2 2021 Monday 22nd February Wednesday 31st March 1:30pm  

Good Friday is on 2nd April and Easter Monday is on 5th April 2021

Trinity 1 2021 Monday 19th April  Friday 28th May   Friday 28/05/2021
Half term Monday 31st May Friday 4th June   
Trinity 2 2021 Monday 7th June  Friday 23rd July 1:30pm  


Academic Year  2021-2022 






Michaelmas 1 2021 Wednesday 1st September Friday 22nd October


Half term Monday 25th October Friday 29th October  
Michaelmas 2 2021 Monday 1st November Friday 17th December  
Lent 1 2022 Tuesday 4th January Friday 11th February 
Half term Monday 14th February Friday 18th February  
Lent 2 2022 Monday 21st February Friday 1st April  
Good Friday is on 15 April and Easter Monday is on 18 April 2022      
Trinity 1 2022 Tuesday 19th April  Friday 27th May   
Half term Monday 30th May Friday 3rd June   
Trinity 2 2022 Monday 6th June  Friday 22nd July   















Other Dates

            For termly diary dates,

                  please check our school calendar.

             INSET Days: 2020/2021

                   Wednesday 2nd September 2020

                  Thursday 3rd September 2020

                   Friday 23rd October 2020

                    Monday 4th January 2021

                 Friday 28th May 2021

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Ephesians 5:1-2