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15th October 2020

ASBSA Needs You!

Dear Parents,

At last years All Saints Benhilton School Association (ASBSA) AGM John Farrer and Sophie Fewings were re-elected as Co-Chair of ASBSA, however that was to be the last year that John and Sophie would chair ASBSA and we advertised for a new person or team to take over the reins from September 2020.

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 and world events since the beginning of this year, there were no further ASBSA events after the Christmas Fair.

At a time when the school is facing many challenges a strong and resilient PTA is needed to bring fresh ideas and support the school in fundraising and engaging with parents. Mrs Stanley Bristowe is very keen and has some fantastic ideas of how ASBSA can continue and prosper even under the restrictions of the current situation.
As such we would like to put out a request:
We need a new ASBSA Chairperson or team to take on the role of leading the ASBSA forward into the 2020/2021 academic year.
If you are interested please contact a member of the ASBSA team or speak to Mrs Stanley Bristowe.

We have a dedicated Committee and Gemma Berman as Treasurer and Michelle Rose as Assistant Treasurer, so if you would like to join the committee please contact your class rep, the list is at the bottom of this newsletter.

ASBSA cannot continue without the help of all parents so please get involved.

Thank you

15th October 2020

Pupil Premium Grant Update

How would you like your child to have their own chromebook within school?

 Your child may be eligible to receive Free School Meals and funding for the school through the Pupil Premium Grant.

Do you receive any ‘means tested’ benefits? For example; Jobseekers Allowance, Child Tax Credit, Universal Credit, etc, and or your annual gross income is £16,190 or less? If so, please email, Subject heading Pupil Premium with: Your Name, Date of Birth and National Insurance Number. Plus your Child(rens) Names and we can carry out a quick online check on your behalf.

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable sending an email to the office you can use the following link and apply independently:

If you have difficulty accessing the internent, you are more than welcome to come to the school office and I or the office staff are more than happy to help complete the form with you

For all newly awarded applications the child will receive a dedicated chromebook or equivalent to be kept at the school.

16th July 2020

Attendance Incentive for families who receive PPG!

As part of the School improvement for children who receive the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG), we are aiming to improve childrens attendance, in particular for those who receive PPG. There is a significant amount of research which indicates that children with higher attendance figures progress and achieve significantly more compared to those who do not attend school.

Consequently, as a school, we would like to reward parents and children who are in receipt of the PPG and who have 100% attendance for a whole term. Therefore, we are trialling a new intiative that has been proven in other schools.

The criteria is as follows:

Those children who are in receipt of the PPG and have 100% attendance for a whole term will be rewarded with a £50 voucher.

Initially, this incentive will be for one term in order to measure its effectiveness. The £50 voucher will have to be spent within school. For example, it could be used for new school uniform or put towards an extra curricular club that your child would be interested in. Alternatively, the £50 could be used to purchase new resources for your child e.g. reading books, pens, pencils, backpack, additional exercise books etc..

We hope that parents / carers and children find this initative incentivising and benefical in achieving a joint goal of improved attendance for our children. The £50 award will be granted in January 2021 for those who meet this target.

13th June 2020

Sports Day 2020

Sports Day is one of the most important days on the school calendar and this year Sports Day Activity will still go ahead, all be it a little differently. The organisation is different but the passion and energy remains the same. Our Sports Day Activity will be held either at school or at home and for either environment, we will abide by the social distancing rules and measures.
Please note: every child will have the opportunity to participate.

So, for ‘Sports Day 2020’, please note the following information:
The activities will be 5 personal challenges that require minimal equipment (but lots of energy) and are run/ jump/ throw activities, just like a regular Sports Day. The only piece of equipment that the children will handle is a home-made ball (a rolled up pair of socks!).

For Pupils who are attending school:
The children attending school will complete the 5 challenges at some point during the day on Wednesday 17th 2020. In preparation for this, on this day please would you provide your child with a home-made ball (an adult pair of socks rolled into a ball) and for them to arrive at school in their PE kit. They will stay in their kit for the duration of the day. They must also have their own named water bottle.

For Pupils who are at home learning:
The 5 personal challenges will be sent to you on Monday 22nd June 2020, with clear instruction/guidance to make them fair and consistent. The challenges should be completed and scores logged on the google form provided by Wednesday 24th June 2020.
We do hope that everyone does take part, and although the challenges are personal ones, for KS1 & KS2 there is also the competition element in that the scores will be collected and a ‘winning class’ awarded.

We appreciate that not everyone will participate, to equalise this please be rest assured that we will take an average score based on 30 pupils per class to make this as fair as possible. Some children/families may wish to complete the challenges but not enter a score - this is fine. The most important aspect of this ‘day’ is that children are physically active and they have fun.

11th May 2020

Letter from Mrs Stanley-Bristowe 11th May 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

 I’m sure like me, many of you will have watched the Prime Minister’s address to the nation yesterday evening. You will have heard the Prime Minister indicating that the government believes it may be in a position to implement a phased re-opening of schools from 1 June, starting with pupils in Reception, Year one and Year six.  This is part of the government’s conditional plan which it says will remain under regular review.

Please be clear, all of us here at All Saints Benhilton want to get more pupils back into school as soon as it is safe to do so. Our teachers have devoted their lives and careers to the care and education of young people – they do not want to see classrooms empty for a day longer than they need to be.

However, the first priority has to be the safety of everyone in the school community. In the meantime, school remains open to vulnerable and key worker children only. Home learning will continue.

We are waiting to receive more information from the government about what this means to our school and that this is a short-term measure, nothing has changed and that we will provide further information in the coming days and weeks once we are able to do so.

 Please stay safe and well and we will update you as soon as we possibly can.

 Best wishes,

 Karen Stanley-Bristowe

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11