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13th January 2018

Nursery New Year Party

Friday 26th January 2018 3:30-4:15

Tickets £2.50 per child All nursery children are invited to our New Year Party.

This will be run by an ASBSA volunteer who teaches music and movement to children as part of the Moojangles team. The party will involve songs, rhymes, props and puppets and will take place in the school hall directly after afternoon nursery 3:30-4:15pm.

Since the party is directly after nursery for the afternoon children, we would ask that all children attending the party wear school uniform.


More information can be found at:

13th January 2018

Diary Dates 2018-2019

Please click on the following link to access and download our school's diary dates for 2018-19.

We will update this shortly with our planned INSET dates once these have been agreed by the Governing Body.

4th December 2017

Did you know that the government gives additional funding to schools for those children entitled to free school meals?

Schools use this money to obtain additional staff, resources and services to help improve the quality of education for those children.

To find out if your child qualifies for free school meals and hence whether our school would receive additional funding, please visit the Free School Meals Eligibility Checker at:

24th November 2017

Christmas Decoration Home Learning

Dear Parents, We will be decorating the school with hanging snowflakes on Friday 1st December and so, this weekends’ home Learning includes the following task ……………...

We would like all children to make a hanging SNOWFLAKE using the differentiated instructions below.

Basic requirements for all snowflakes: size-no larger than 20cm in height; hanging thread/ribbon approx. 30cm. Any materials may be used must be light enough to hang from the ceiling.

*Nursery, Ash and Elm Classes: Hanging Decorated Snowflake Must include your child using a pair of scissors and some glue and be decorated. Could include your child using a paint brush and paints.

*Oak, Holly, Poplar and Chestnut Classes: Hanging 2D or 3D Decorated Snowflake Must be your child’s own idea and must include your child using a pair of scissors accurately and using glue carefully. Could include accurate measurements and accurate folding, different fixings.

*Larch, Hazel, Maple, Willow, Hawthorn and Beech Classes Hanging 2D or 3D Decorated Snowflake Must include accurate measurement and folding, accurate cutting, use of appropriate fixings. Could include origami, sewing, or other craft skills.

As far as possible, this should be your children’s own work, but your advice and support would be most welcome. We hope you will enjoy learning together. Children need to bring their finished decoration in to their classroom on Thursday 30th November, please.

Thank you. Have fun!

Justine Whelan-Cox Headteacher

17th November 2017

Crazy Sock Day Tuesday 19th December 2017

Dear parents and carers,

 To encourage and celebrate a love of reading, Key Stage 1 and Reception will be joining KS2 in holding a crazy sock day. This day is for all children who have read 50 times (25 times for Ash and Elm) and recorded this in their green reading record.  Your class teacher will count books brought home from school. You do not need to do anything differently just continue to listen to your child read (in Reception this may be sharing a book) and continue to record this in the green home reading record book.

Crazy sock day will be held on Tuesday 19th December 2017. If your child has read 50 times or in Ash and Elm 25 times, by Tuesday 19th December, then they can come to school wearing some crazy socks along with their school uniform. 

If you have any questions please contact Miss Hayter or Mrs Collingwood. 

Thank you for your help in this. 

He called you to salvation when we told you the Good News; now you can share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thessalonians 2:14